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    Northeastern Evolutionary Primatologists

    The Northeastern Evolutionary Primatology group (NEEP) is a group of people based throughout the northeastern United States whose research focuses on primate (human and nonhuman) evolution, ecology, and behavior. The primary goal of NEEP is to organize annual meetings to discuss ongoing research, and to provide students with professional networking opportunities and a supportive environment to hone their presentation skills. Meetings typically last 1-2 days, and are self-organized to keep costs low. The first and founding meeting was held in October 2014 at Rutgers University.


    Download our by-laws here.

  • Congratulations

    To our 2017 podium and poster award winners!

    Eliot Monaco

    Stony Brook University

    “Sodium acquisition as the function of geophagy in Nepal gray langurs”

    Thea Anderson

    George Washington University

    “Sexually dimorphic facial patterns in wild red bellied lemurs”

    Clare Kimock

    New York University

    “Heritability of skeletal traits in free-ranging rhesus macaques”

    Holly Fuong

    Columbia University

    "Related blue monkeys have similar social network positions"

    Alyssa Arre

    Yale University

    "Developmental changes in selective attention to socioemotional stimuli in rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)"

    Amber Trujillo

    New York University

    "Craniometric variation and taxonomy in papionin monkeys: the case of Parapapio"

  • Meetings

    2018 Meeting

    Canisius College, NY

    Our fourth meeting will be held September 28-29 at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY.


    Be sure to check out this year's meeting website for updates!!

    2017 Meeting

    Yale University, CT

    Our third meeting was held October 27-28 at Yale University in New Haven, CT. Our keynote speaker on Friday evening was Dr. Eva Garrett from Boston University.



    2016 Meeting

    Hunter College, NYC

    Our second meeting was held November 4-5 at Hunter College in New York City, NY. Our keynote speaker on Friday evening was Dr. Christopher Schmitt.




    2014 Meeting

    Rutgers University, NJ

    Our inaugural meeting was held November 7-8 at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. Our keynote speaker was Dr. Jenny Tung (Duke).




  • Officers

    Executive Committee

    Andrea Baden


    Assistant Professor, Hunter College CUNY



    The President shall coordinate the annual business meeting and the Executive Committee. He or she shall have powers and authorities usually vested in the President of a learned society and shall perform such other duties as the Executive Committee or membership may direct.

    Andreas Koenig

    President Elect

    Professor, Stony Brook University


    The President-Elect shall assist the President in the performance of the President’s duties, and, in the absence or disability of the President, shall perform the duties of the President. He shall be responsible for assisting with the coordinating of the program of the annual meeting.

    Carola Borries


    Research Associate Professor, Stony Brook University


    The Treasurer shall keep financial accounts of the Association, insure that its funds are collected, and disburse funds under the direction of the Executive Committee. He or she shall provide a written report to the Association and work with the Annual Meeting Coordinator to keep the Association Membership List up-to-date.

    Sue Margulis


    Associate Professor, Canisius College



    The Secretary shall be responsible for the arrangement of meetings of the Executive Committee and ensure that minutes are taken during these meetings. He or she shall keep a current Association Membership List, a copy of the current Constitution and By-Laws, and a separate list of all successful amendments.

    Alex DeCasien


    PhD student, New York University



    The Webmaster shall be responsible for overseeing the Association’s website.

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